Small Business Start-Up Bundle

Each bundle package begins with a free consultation.  A package is then custom-made for your organization.  Together we will create a plan that addresses all of your organization’s current needs.

The Small Business Start-Up Bundle includes:

1)   Initial advice and counsel on concept, business structure and name

2)   Drafting and Filing of Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization, Bylaws and/or Operating Agreement

3)   Obtaining a Federal Tax EIN

4) Drafting of two contracts

5)   Four, hour-long consultations over the span of 4 months to answer any staff or board questions about upcoming or pending matters.

Add-ons to this bundle may include:

–       Consult and Draft of Independent Contractor Agreement

–       Consult and Draft of Employment Contract

–       Employee Handbook Draft/Review

–       Vendor/Service Contract Review

–       Review of/Negotiation of Lease

Bundle package price starts at $4,500.*

*Cost is for attorney’s fees and does not include NY State filing fees. Installment packages are available.

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