Packages for People Starting a New Business

Side-hustle Game Plan – $595

You’re building a side hustle and taking a chance. You’re testing the waters before investing too much time, energy or cash. One of the smartest things you can do at this stage is to protect yourself.

You are busy with a full-time job, marketing your side hustle and living your life. You don’t want to worry about how you’ll handle a bad news client who skips out on a bill and sends your side-hustling self into debt (because of course you’ve already spent money working on this client’s project).  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This package is perfect for the go-getter ready to safeguard his or her interests and grow the cash flow.

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Freelancer Framework  – $755

This package is for the trailblazer launching a full-fledged business. We help set you up early for success so you can worry about other details as you grow.

You’re ready to make a commitment to your new business. Sure, you may only have a staff of one right now, but your staff (aka YOU) needs to get paid! How do you do that? By getting things in writing from the beginning. We’ll work with you to get all of your documents in line and send you on your way, ready to become the next big thing.

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Start-Up Launch – $1150

You’ve got a big vision and you’re ready to act. Your new venture is going to grow! We create a range of key documents growing businesses need to protect the owners and the business and prepares both for domination.

If you’re ready to tackle the aspects of running a business full-time and think through the smartest strategies for growth you need this bundle. We’ll help you prepare to hire independent contractors or employees and set your organization up with a strong culture from the start.

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Partnership Add-On – $350

Your business isn’t a solo venture? We are well-versed in helping partners think through the important questions when it comes to structuring the partnership. Check out our interview about it here. If any of your hustles require consultation about partnerships we’re happy to assist.

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