Packages for People Looking to Make a Move

Whether you’re leaving a job, thinking about joining a new company or moving up in your current place of employment – sometimes you have legal questions. Should you ask for an employment contract? Can you ask for severance? Transitioning jobs can be stressful and we want to take the headache out of the legal part of it. We offer a few bundles to simply the process.

Thank You, Next Package – $555

Are you thinking about leaving your job? Has your employer asked you to sign a separation agreement? Do you want to explore your options? Not sure how much severance you are entitled too (especially if you’re leaving on not the best of terms)… these are all important questions that we can help you think through. We are masters of the transition here.

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Movin’ On Up Package – $495

Got a new job? Is a promotion in the works? Congrats! Don’t sign that employment contract or offer letter right away – talk with us first. We can help you advocate a great deal and set you up for maximum growth at your new gig.

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