Non-Profit Annual Check-Up

Each bundle package begins with a free consultation.  A package is then custom-made for your organization.  Together we will create a plan that addresses all of your organization’s current needs.

The Non-Profit Annual Check-Up bundle includes:

1)   Review and Amendments of Initial paperwork including Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and Conflict of Interest documentation

2)   Review and amendment of up to three contracts currently in use (including Vendor, Service and/or Employment Agreements)

3)   Review of fundraising registration requirements and consultation regarding any compliance

4)   Consultation and review of Employee Handbook, Policies and Procedures

5)   One hour Board Consultation, Development and Training (including, if desired, MEP participating via phone or video conference for one Board meeting.

6)   Four, hour-long consultations over the span of 4 months to answer any staff or executive questions about upcoming or pending matters.

Add-ons may include

–       Consult and Draft of Independent Contractor Agreement

–       Consult and Draft of Employment Contract

–       Additional Contract Review

–       Negotiation of Lease or other contracts

–       Review of Website Terms and Conditions

See something you wish was listed? Let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.

 Bundle price starts at $4,500*

*Price is for legal fees and does not include any filing fees that may be needed.  Installment payments can be arranged.

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