Get Some Independence in July with An Independent Contractor Agreement!

If you’re thinking about using an Independent Contractor, July is the perfect month to get set up to use one properly. Get an Independent Contractor Agreement finalized this month and get an added one hour of legal consultation to talk about anything you’ve wondered about the first half of the year. 

For $555 you’ll get an Independent Contractor Agreement and accompanying Statement of Work you can adjust and reuse many times. In July, if you purchase our Independent Contractor Agreement package, you’ll also get one hour of legal consultation to answer any other questions you may have about your business.

  • Maybe you’ve wondered if you need Terms and Conditions for your website
  • Or you’ve thought about leasing some space for an event
  • Perhaps it’s time to finally chase down that client who hasn’t paid up in three months.

We can talk about all of this (or whatever else is on your mind!)

So take some downtime this summer by bringing on an Independent Contractor. What does this Agreement spell out?

  • Why the person you’re hiring isn’t an employee
  • The timeline for the contractor’s work and any important due dates
  • How much you’re going to pay the contractor
  • When the contractor gets paid
  • What happens if plans change or deadlines can’t be met
  • Who owns the rights to the work the contractor produces
  • So much more (including the dreaded but necessary boilerplate legalese).

Stop using the template you downloaded from the internet but don’t really understand. Once you have strong documents that you understand you can revise the Agreement easily. In other words, you don’t have to hire a lawyer or draft something new every time you work with a new client.

If you’ve been putting off getting a formal agreement in place, now’s the time to do it. 

This July get:

  • An Independent Contractor Agreement designed specifically for your business that is customizable by you for any future contractors
  • A Statement of Work listing out the specific services the Contractor will provide, also customizable by you for future contractors
  • A 30 minute consultation where we explain all the legal mumbo jumbo so you feel confident explaining it to your customers when they ask
  • A one hour consultation to be used anytime in 2019 to get any legal questions about your business answered

Gain some independence this July with a strong Independent Contractor Agreement. STOP using the free template you downloaded from the internet (hint it’s not going to provide the same protection) or an unwieldy document you don’t understand, or worst of all, absolutely nothing in writing.

Email to get started!