Get it Memorialized in May!

Get your most important document memorialized in May!

In the spirit of Memorial Day we’re running a special to help freelancers and small businesses get their most important relationship memorialized – the client/business relationship.

This month only I’m offering a reduced price on their Client Service Agreement and accompanying Statement of Work drafted for only $455.

You’ve done the hard work of pitching your services. Your client is excited to work with you. What do you do next? Google “client contract” and download the first one that looks semi-legit from the internet. You only understand some of the terms but you make a few small tweaks and send if off to your client to be signed.

You and your business deserve more than a copy and pasted template you only sort of understand.

Even if your client is your best friend (and especially then) there may be things you forget to mention or bring up in initial conversations. Executing two key documents at the start can save you time, energy and long-term frustration. What are they?

A Client Services Agreement (and accompanying Statement of Work) spells out:

  • The timeline for your work and any important due dates
  • How much you get paid
  • When you get paid
  • What happens if something comes up and you and your client don’t agree
  • Who owns the rights to the work you produce
  • So much more (including the dreaded but necessary boilerplate legalese).

Once you have strong documents that you understand you can revise your CSA and SOW for every new client. In other words, you don’t have to hire a lawyer or draft something new every time you work with a new client.

If you’ve been putting off getting a formal agreement in place, now’s the time to do it. During the month of May we’’ll draft these documents for ten freelancers and small businesses for just $455.

Included in this you get:

  • A Client Service Agreement designed specifically for your business that is customizable by you for all of your future clients
  • A Statement of Work listing out the specific services you provide, also customizable by you for future clients
  • A consultation where we explain all the legal mumbo jumbo so you feel confident explaining it to your customers when they ask
  • Unlimited consultations about the document for the next six months to get additional questions about the CSA and SOW answered AND help updating terms as your client and projects grow.

May is the time to STOP using a free template you downloaded from the internet or an unwieldy document you don’t understand, or worst of all, absolutely nothing in writing. Get your most important business relationship memorialized in May and cross this worry off of your list!

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