All-Inclusive Bundles and Fees

All Inclusive Bundles

Many of my clients have come to me wondering how to keep up with the changing legal world while continuing to run and grow their businesses.  I wanted to directly respond to these requests.  Eiss-Proctor Law, PLLC now offers four different all-inclusive bundles.  The Non-Profit Start-Up Bundle, the Non-Profit Annual Check-up, the Business Start-up Bundle and the Business Annual Check-up.

After a free consultation, each bundle is custom designed for each organization. Together we will create a plan that addresses all of your organization’s needs. Hiring a lawyer to handle each of these services on an ad-hoc basis can often bring legal bills to of upwards of $15,000 in some cases. By bundling these services together I can build an amazing relationship with your organization and significantly reduce the cost. Think of it as an in-house counsel you don’t have to pay a salary to!

An added benefit is that the fee is fixed upfront, so you know exactly what to expect. Some of the bundles start as low as $4,500. Highlighted services include:

–       Drafting and Filing or Review of Initial Documents

–       Four, hour-long consultations over the span of 4 months

–       Drafting or Review of contracts

–       501c3 Drafting Assistance and filing with the IRS (for not-for-profit clients)

–       Board Consultation, Development and Training for not-for-profit clients)

Click on the links above for more detailed information about each bundle. I would love to talk with you more about my new offerings, so please reach out with any questions.

Fees in General

The attorney/client relationship is a crucial part of resolving any legal issue. If a client is constantly concerned that an attorney is watching the clock and billing for every ten-minute phone call, the attorney/client relationship cannot develop in a harmonious and beneficial way. It is important to us at Eiss-Proctor Law, PLLC that we develop good relationships with our clients. Therefore, we find that traditional hourly billing is inappropriate for most cases.

Instead of simply using the hourly billing scheme, like most law firms, Eiss-Proctor Law, PLLC seeks to base its billing on the value the work will provide to the prospective client. A clearly defined fee means that the lawyer will work efficiently on your case.

Eiss-Proctor Law, PLLC offers a free consultation to anyone interested in the firm’s services. During this consultation the attorney will identify the results the client wants to accomplish and discuss the variables that might arise during any possible representation.

If the prospective client and the attorney agree that the firm could be useful in resolving a problem, together, they will devise a plan of action. Eiss-Proctor Law, PLLC will usually set a fixed fee for each or any services requested by a prospective client. Some of the variables that fixed fees may be based on include:

  • The client’s anticipated outcome;
  • The anticipated difficulty of the matter; and
  • The client’s values and priorities

In some cases, where there are too many variables for an attorney to properly evaluate the work required, the firm may charge an hourly fee, however, a fee cap will be set for the client’s benefit.

Eiss-Proctor Law, PLLC hopes that the client will more clearly understand the billing structure and thus be able to properly plan for the future of his or her case.

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