Announcing New Bundle Packages!

Starting today I am offering four NEW services that make it easier for small organizations to get the legal peace of mind they need. I am introducing four all-inclusive bundles: The Non-Profit Start-up Bundle; the Non-Profit Annual Check-up; the Business Start-up Bundle and the Business Annual Check-up.  I am excited to share the details with you!
After a free consultation, each bundle is custom-designed for the individual organization.  Hiring a lawyer to handle each of these services on an ad-hoc basis can often bring legal bills to of upwards of $15,000.  By bundling these services together I build a strong knowledge of your individual organization and form a great relationship with the staff. Think of me as an in-house counsel you don’t pay a salary!
An added benefit is that the fee is fixed upfront, so you know exactly what to expect. Because I am tackling many of your issues at once I am able to offer the bundle at a reduced rate. Some of the bundles start as low as $4,500 and payment plans are available. Highlighted services in some bundles include:
  • Drafting and Filing or Review of Initial Documents
  • Four, hour-long consultations over the span of 4 months
  • Drafting or Review of contracts
  • 501c3 Drafting Assistance and filing with the IRS (for not-for-profit clients)
  • Board Consultation, Development and Training (for not-for-profit clients)
Click here for more detailed information about the packages.
Email me this week to set up a consultation.  I would love to talk with you more about my new offerings.  I am looking forward to helping your organization start and run more effectively.

Online Legal Websites for Non-Lawyers

There was an interesting article in Forbes magazine in October about the rise of LegalZoom and other legal websites.  LegalZoom has been around for about ten years now, and some lawyers are starting to feel the heat.

For those of you who don’t know, LegalZoom (and other websites like it) have been popping up on the web.  They aim to customize typical legal forms such as wills and incorporation papers for people who are not hoping to spend a lot of money on a lawyer.  The article reports that LegalZoom charges $69 for wills and as little as $99 for articles of incorporation.  Many old school lawyers who still bill by the hour could charge thousands for these services.  Websites like LegalZoom seek to remove the middle man and help intelligent people manage simple legal matters on their own.

The reality is that you don’t need a law license to draft your own will or incorporation papers.  Many people can and do take on these tasks without the aid of an attorney.  Hiring an attorney can provide some benefit, however.  For instance, attorneys may be aware of nuances or differences in your particular situation that a legal website that spits out the same document for every person with the same information.  Is this knowledge worth thousands of dollars of additional money?  Often the answer is no.

Instead of fighting websites like LegalZoom, attorneys should be exploring new pricing schemes that reflect the value of the service they are providing.  An attorney’s expertise, knowledge, and advice can and should be reflected in the cost of legal services, but not at the great expense of the client.  The legal community should embrace these alternatives and use it as an opportunity to explain why what they provide is worth any additional funds.  Hopefully, these legal sites will help lawyers to rethink the billable hour and offer fixed fee services for work when the amount of time and energy required can be easily estimated.